Jose and Bianca’s San Francisco City Guide

Jose and Bianca's San Francisco City Guide

We’ve lived in San Francisco for 10 years and have so many beautiful memories across the City. 

The following guide includes a lot of the places we love to spend time and that we’ve been to time and time again. We hope you visit the places below, avoid the tourist traps, and actually get to experience San Francisco the way we do. 


San Francisco takes its brunch seriously. Highly recommend getting to any restaurant early (prior to 10:30 AM) to ensure a table and not have to wait too long!

Kitchen Story

Kitchen Story

This Asian-inspired restaurant is famous for its Millionaire Bacon. Bianca's and Jose's favorite dishes are the Millionaire Egg Benedict and the Mascarpone Stuffed Deep Fried French Toast. You might find us here enjoying a few too many mimosas with Carl and Lucia.

Le Marais Bakery

French, elegant and simple are the best way to describe Le Marais. While Jose enjoys a big plate of Croque Madame, Bianca prefers the customization of a Breakfast Board. Local San Francisco Fort Point beer is also available for the early drinkers or east coast visitors (Team Shevandi!)


Lunch is usually on the go and light. We picked our favorites which are quick and easy, and also light and perfect for a day out sight seeing.


Brenda's French Soul Food

The best soul food in the city! You won’t be able to make a reservation... and there might be a bit of a line: but the wait is worth it. This is a Jose Guarantee. Their menu changes a lot so you will just have to take our word for it, try it!

Panchita's Restaurant

If you never had Salvadoran food, this is a must go. No formal attire is needed here. This is a comfort food fave, pupusas. Imagine a stuffed pancake made in heaven with fried plantains on the side. If you go out drinking around the Mission District, chances are you’ll want to end up at Panchitas.

Gracias Madre

Vegan and Mexican are not two words that usually go together but at Gracias Madre, they make the impossible happen. If you want adventure in the San Francisco vibe and have a healthy meal, this is Bianca and Jose’s favorite place. PS: you might find a billionaire venture capitalist, do not pitch your start-up while they eat. No seriously, VCs hang out here.


So many great restaurants for dinner in the city, so little time! Here are only a few of our favorites.

Il Casaro

There is no restaurant in the city that Bianca and Jose have frequented more than Il Casaro. It is perfect for a romantic dinner, after a night out around the North Beach district or after seeing Peru make it to the World Cup after 36 years. They have a simple -but tasty- mozzarella bar and it is the closests the Bay Area gets to Rome. Get the margheritta pizza.

La Mar

La Mar

This restaurant is like an upscale trip to the coast of Lima, Peru. You will find Bianca and Jose here after a big meeting, celebratory event, or with visiting family. Enjoy different flavors of Pisco Sours and ceviches. Might be pricey and you can’t wear sandals here but it is the perfect place in the city to enjoy cocktails and dinner in the coast of the bay.

Cha cha cha

Cha Cha Cha

Located in the Haight-Ashbury district where you can find Jimmy Hendrix’s house and historic Amoeba records, Cha Cha Cha is a Latin inspired cuisine. You can find Bianca and Jose here, drinking sangrias with Manny and enjoying the Jerk Chicken. If you want to do dinner after buying underground records, watching hippies and checking out Janis Joplin’s house, Cha Cha Cha is where is at.


Some of our favorite watering holes in the City!



This place is a mosh pit waiting to happen. If you are into punk, metal and dive bars, this is the spot. They carry White Claw, too. Outside patio, bar food (so bad it's great) Jose frequents this bar when he misses N.Y. If you wanna see what is like to be in Brooklyn without going to actual Brooklyn, come to this place. Tip; if they are mean, don’t take it personal. Also, cash only.



Not only does this bar have history (it was established in 1948, and bar to the Beat Poets) but it also played a huge role in Bianca and Jose’s early relationship. When they first started dating, before Jose walked Bianca back to her apartment in North Beach, they'd stop here for a drink. This bar is a real local San Francisco treasure. Do not leave SF without visiting Vesuvio.

Zombie Village

Zombie Village

If you didn’t know, for the past several years, Bianca and Jose have fallen head first, deep into Tiki culture. Zombie Village is the newest Tiki bar in the city, one of many (we know they all by heart!) If you are into tasty tropical drinks, this is the right spot!

Things to do in SF, coming soon!