Travel Tips


Hotels/Air BnB

We recommend looking at Air BnBs for your stay in San Francisco, as this option is generally nicer and more comfortable than the Hotels catering to average tourists. Areas to focus your search are the greater San Francisco area, and on the Peninsula itself, no further south than SFO.

Staying in San Francisco Most neighborhoods are relatively safe, but there are a few areas in the heart of downtown that are rougher than others. Areas like The Sunset, Noe Valley, Richmond, and Marina are great for a weekend trip. Questions about a specific area? Send us an email at and we can help you pick.

Staying on the Peninsula The peninsula includes Daly City, Colma, South San Francisco, San Bruno, and Brisbane. Please take into account your transportation options from those areas into calculation of costs, as well as how much you’d like to sight see and experience the city. Average time between the airport and downtown San Francisco is about 25 minutes, no traffic. You can use the Fare Estimator on this page to estimate the cost of a Lyft from your hotel to anywhere you want to go.


Getting around San Francisco is relatively easy! Highly recommend the options below, as the city itself is actually really small (7×7 miles) 

Lyft Quick and easy, and for larger groups, there are options for vehicles with 6 seats. Great option for getting you from the airport to your hotel or Air BnB. Cars are available 24/7 and the rates are competitive.

Public Transit Once you’re in the city, Public Transit is pretty reliable and cheap. Sight seeing? Muni is a good option. Hauling a lot of luggage from the airport? BART is a great option and takes you direct into the city.

Car Rentals Our least recommended option, as this creates logistical issues with the safety of belongings in cars. Cars are broken into extremely frequently, including rentals. Please consider this option last, as both options above (Lyft and Public Transit) are more efficient and extremely cheap.